Hind Securities and Credits Limited was originally incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 on 31st December 1993 under the name of Hind Securities and Credits Private Limited. Subsequently it changed its status from Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company and obtained a fresh Certificate of Incorporation on 19th day of September 1995. The company came out with its Public Issue in the year 1996 and got listed at Delhi Stock Exchange and Jaipur Stock Exchange.

The company was originally incorporated in the year 1993 and started the business of fund based as well as non-fund based activities. The primary business of the Company was to engage in investment banking and ICD Loan Financing. As part of its non-fund based activities the Company was engaged in providing corporate/project consultancy services to its Clients. The management then proceeded with a view to develop the business of portfolio investment in equity shares, preference shares, stocks, debentures, (convertible and non-convertible) company deposits, and to deal in Government Securities, to manage investment pools, syndicate in shares and securities and to act as an investment consultant, finance consultants, portfolio consultants and brokers, sub- brokers, underwriters, sub-underwriters and agent of stocks, shares and securities of all kinds.